Travel lesson of the day: booking an airport parking space

When it comes to travel, I think we’re all a bit set in our ways; we like what we know, because it’s tried and tested, and we know what to expect. That’s all very well and good, but consider this – there might be a better way to do it.

Now, I used to be exactly the same, I used to have a set routine when it came to going away on holiday, and how I got from one place to the next, but then I had no choice but to switch it up a little, and the results were very favourable!

This came about from booking a coach to the airport, which due to a problem meant I was very late arriving at the airport, leading to major stress on my part. I understand that these problems do occur, but it led to me being a little untrusting from that point on when it came to putting any control over my travel plans in anyone else’s hands.

I’ve spread the word amongst friends and family on exactly the same thing and they are all new converts too. Last month I booked the Gatwick Meet and Greet service, and was seriously wowed! Not only did I have the comfort of knowing I could get to the airport on my own steam, but someone actually took my car off my hands at the airport door and took it to the parking space for me, meeting me in the exactly the same place on my return – I felt thoroughly spoiled!

If you’re travelling with children, or if you have an early flight, I can’t recommend this idea highly enough, because driving yourself means you have total control, eliminating the stressful side of relying on others. If you’re going away as part of a group, why not all travel in the same car and split the cost? It will no doubt be cheaper than booking individual public transport journeys!

The lesson in all of this is simple – being stuck in your ways can sometimes be a bad thing, no matter how comfortable it may seem. Unless you open your eyes and explore different methods, you don’t know what you’re missing out on, and in this case, I wouldn’t have been aware of the stress-free travel I could have had for many years before, and the money I could have saved.

Lesson learnt!