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Car Rental Discounts – Everything You Need to Know

As rental cars become more complex and harder to find, daily rates are soaring in popular travel destinations. But there are still some great deals to be found. Corporate codes, university codes, and AARP discounts can save travelers significant money on car rentals. But be sure to consider all the options before booking. Discounts for members of loyalty programs On purchases of automobile rentals, several credit cards provide points, miles, or cash back. Some also partner with car rental

Travel Trauma: What To Do If You Are Hurt While Traveling

Traveling can be an unforgettable time for work or leisure, but sometimes accidents happen. If you get injured or sick on a trip — especially in an unknown area with different rules and norms — the circumstances can make the situation more stressful. Knowing what to do in an emergency can help ease nervousness and prepare you for whatever happens. First, inform friends and family of any travel plans. At least one trusted person should know your whereabouts to make certain that you arrive

6 Great Places to Visit for History Buffs 

Traveling and learning are two things that can perfectly complement each other. With this, if you are planning a holiday anytime soon, consider visiting a place where you can also learn. Below are some of the destinations that can provide an educational experience for every traveler. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico  The best thing about this destination is that while you can enjoy the beach, you can also visit Mayan ruins, revel in their beauty and enjoy being educated about their historical

Make Business Travel Easier

Whether you travel with your family or alone, business traveling can be stressful. Too much time away from family and friends can eventually takes its toll on you. Depending on where your business travels take you, you might also run across a culture gap. Make business travel easier when you plan ahead. According to a business article, if you frequently find yourself taking business trips than you will want to have a routine schedule so that you can stay on track and not forget anything. Another

Find business listings & discounts in one go with Groupon

There was a time when it felt like everyone was crazy about Groupon, which made a name for itself by selling deal-a-day discounts and vouchers on a variety of products and services. But as Groupon's vouchers became less popular, the site has redesigned itself as a new kind of Yellow Pages directory with a twist. Groupon lists business information just like the Yellow Pages, but as well as that it also offers its signature coupons and vouchers for each entry. In other words, consumers not only