Tourist Attractions In Armagh, The Religious Heart of Northern Ireland

Saint Patrick's Cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in Armagh, Ireland

Known as a religious capital in Northern Ireland, the tourist attractions in Armagh will definitely astound you with their inimitable fusion of culture, history, heritage, and leisure activities that will truly make your holidays worth spending in this town alone.

The remains of Navan Fort near the A28 is just a large round hill with a loop. However, the Navan Fortress is the most significant historical spot in Northern Ireland that is why it acquired its title as one of the top tourist attractions in Armagh. Entrance to the fortress is free but it is highly recommended that you proceed to the Navan Centre afterward, as it was artistically constructed to appear to resemble a huge Bronze Age cairn.

This center has intricate displays of artifacts from the Navan Fortress and the King’s Stables, and with three artificial ponds located close by, it will be worthwhile use of your time. The featured exhibits include the skull of a Barbary primate, which signified that the locals in the area were highly developed well in the ancient past, long before recorded human history.

Moreover, there is also a showcase regarding the excavation of the citadel around the years 1961-1971, with pictures and an unfathomable hologram presenting how the facade of the fortress transformed from the Bronze era to how it is in the present day.

If you would like to tickle your imagination at this point, visiting the Armagh Planetarium on College Hill is a good idea. Armagh Planetarium enables astronomy and galaxy discovery to be more exciting and fascinating, even if you’re not an avid fan of it. The planetarium’s display area has many interactive exhibits, authentic star-watching facilities from the observatory and state-of-the-art paraphernalia on its premier exhibits.

World-renowned as a religious capital, there is no question as to why Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in Armagh. Saint Patrick’s Church of Armagh was regarded as the primary church of Ireland and was created on the town’s chief hill where St. Patrick announced his 1st diocese.

Some of the other top tourist attractions in Armagh which you might also find appealing here include St. Patrick’s Trian Centre, The County Museum, Palace Stables Heritage Centre, Gulliver’s Travels, The Mall, Shambles Market and Lugh Neagh and Craigavon Lakes. So if you plan to include Northern Ireland in your travel list, don’t forget to include Armagh in your topmost list of travel destinations.