Top Reasons To Visit Japaratinga

If this beach isn't one of your top reasons to visit Japaratinga, what is?

Brazil is unlike any other country one would get a chance of visiting, and it may pretty much give you a clearer idea about the top reasons to visit Japaratinga. Unlike most countries in Western Europe and Asia, South America still has a lot of places that are relatively less explored. Japaratinga is just one of them.

However, its limited visibility in the general tourism radar enables this region to realize its potential better in the future. This municipality is located in the Brazilian state of Alagoas. Even now, it has caught the attention of many visitors, both foreign and local alike. This municipality shares a relative proximity with the city of Maceio, although the 115 kilometer distance is brought about by limited urban development.

1. High altitude roadside view of the sea

Simplicity has a certain way of touching the feelings of wandering individuals, and if this is one of the top reasons to visit Japaratinga such a local vacation would be pleasurable. One should take note that Japaratinga is a coastal municipality. What is so fascinating about this municipality is that the road leading inland does not converge back to the main highway.

Traveling deeper into the Japaratinga will lead you to the highest point of the area – the town of Boqueirao. There you can see the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea, a popular stopover to the extensive road trip.

2. Huge local industry means tourism

Another among the top reasons to visit Japaratinga is that this municipality relies heavily in tourism. Therefore, the area is keen about the amusement and welfare of its visitors. As a tourist, one can glean on a number of important advantages in visiting Japaratinga. First of all, there is no shortage of restaurants and hotels. This factor leads us to the next great reasons to visit Japaratinga.

3. How much do you enjoy good food?

Staying in Japaratinga is an awesome vacation depending on how one responds to this question. Any person who enjoys good food will find himself or herself a temporary home in this municipality. A huge portion that comprised Japaratinga’s fine dining meals is based on seafood.

Any person with a special preference for this colorful health-conscious diet will certainly appreciate eating in Japaratinga’s restaurants. Only two restaurants attain international notice – the Company Lobster Restaurant and the Restaurant Mama Pereira (with the latter providing more diverse menu than seafood).

4. Great beach relaxation indoors and outdoors

Japartinga prides itself with its beaches. But more than that, Japartinga’s coastal indoor accommodations are as amusing as its resorts. This municipality lives up to its title as a tourist hub for its capacity to keep unadventurous travelers stress-free and entertained even indoors.

The best recommended hotels are Pousada Doze Cabanas and Posada Villa de Taipa. These accommodations have complete amenities and services, from excellent air conditioning to a coastal jungle view balcony.