The Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden Not To Miss!

Being the biggest of all the Scandinavian countries, there’s definitely more to discover about the top tourist attractions in Sweden. Sweden is situated in the Northern part of Europe; encompassed by Norway to its west, Finland to its east and Denmark in the southwest portion, with Stockholm as its capital and largest city. With the country’s clean and safe ambience coupled with diverse, appealing tourist spots ranging from Viking adventures, tranquil treks, remarkable museums, vast parks, and a vibrant nightlife, you’ll be bound to extend your stay in the beautiful place of Sweden. Moreover, the language barrier is not a big problem when you get to this place since approximately 89% of Swedes can actually speak English.

mountains in Sweden

The Royal Palace, also known as Kungliga Slottet, is the original abode of the royal family which is indeed a must-visit among the top tourist attractions in Sweden. Constructed around the year of 1697 to 1754, the Royal Castle governs the northeast region of the old town of Stockholm. Recently though, the palace is just used for the purpose of conducting official ceremonies by the Royal Family, the Drottningholm Palace is now the actual place of residence of the Royalties.

If you came to visit the old Royal Palace of Sweden then, a day tour to Drottningholm is also a must-try. A tour to Drottningholm will take you to a wonderful journey of Sweden’s historical heritage at its best. Drottingholm Palace is among Sweden’s safeguarded royal palace built in the 17th century and also belongs to the three World Heritage Sites of Stockholm. The palace exhibits outstanding salons from the 17th to 19th centuries, a stunning park, an extraordinary palace theatre, and a Chinese gazebo.  The park and the palace are open for viewing and touring all through the year.

Vaxholm is an urban area situated in one of the islands of Stockholm famed as the “pearl of the archipelago” which also generates lots of visits from tourists. Vaxholm’s given name originated from the Vaxholm Castle which was built in 1549 as a fortress of King Gustav Vasa to protect the seat against invaders. Vaxholm can be toured by boat, leaving from Sjeppskajen in Stockholm.  It is an unforgettable one hour boat ride through Stockholm’s scenic assemblage of islands. Along the trip, pretty wooden houses, wildlife reserves and an awesome citadel museum can be seen. Indeed, a one day outing to Vaxholm is worth a day’s spending particularly in the summer.

A tour in the surrounding districts of Kiruna is also an ought-to-experience in Sweden.  Fishing, hunting, trekking, and skiing are just among the activities that are well-known to tourists and even locals alike. During summer, a hike towards the Kebnekaise mountain lodge which is 690 meters elevated is also one of the most sought-after activities lying 66 km west of Kiruna in Lappland, Sweden. Apart from visiting the famous lakes and rivers in Lappland, rafting on the Kalixand and Torne rivers, canoeing in the seascapes near Nikkaluokta, caving near Bjorkliden and boat tours in Tornetrask lake, are just among the many things to look forward doing in Kiruna.

Furthermore, a trip to the top tourist attractions in Sweden would be considered incomplete if you don’t get to taste the world’s worst-smelling fish dish. Adventurous and curious food enthusiasts would surely want to have a bite of Surstromming, northern Sweden’s famous herring which is meticulously fermented in big cylinders and brimmed in tin cans which may start to bloat and almost rip open. When opened, the fish would stink so bad that it is only usually eaten outdoors however, tourists are encouraged to eat surstromming indoors to truly savour and experience the powerful smell of the fish.