Going on a football holiday in the UK? Stay at these hotels…

Seeing Arsenal and Leicester City have the makings of a great football holiday in the UK ... photo by CC user 7332125@N04 on Flickr

Photo by CC user 7332125@N04 on Flickr

Looking to go on a football holiday in the UK? While you may have booked the tickets for the games you plan to attend, the matter of picking a hotel may still be one that is up in the air.

If you wish to stay in a place where a luxury is second nature, then the following hotels should be at the top of your list when you are considering places to book.

Great John Street Hotel – Manchester

If your greatest wish for a football holiday in the United Kingdom is to see Manchester United or Manchester City in action, then the best place you could ask for when it comes time to lay your head is to stay at the Great John Street Hotel.

The Great John Street Hotel stands out from the corporate chains in the fact that it was formerly a former brick townhouse complex; blending seamlessly into the downtown area of Manchester, it will be a destination that you and your traveling companions will remember long after your trip has been completed.

Leicester Marriott Hotel – Leicester

Want to witness the juggernaut that is Leicester City in person? With so many people jumping on this bandwagon lately, it pays to not only book your accommodations early, but to also go upscale in a bid to avoid those crowding the middle and lower ends of the market.

To this end, staying at the Leicester Marriott Hotel will not only provide you with a posh place to stay, but it will also turn you on to a world of luxury that you never have understood before.

To make your viewing experience at Leicester city more exciting, you can place bets on sites such as William Hill (http://sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb), and having some money riding on the outcome will make the highs and the lows of a match all the more dramatic.

The Shankly Hotel – Liverpool

Want to finally make the trip to Liverpool to take in a match at Anfield Stadium? There’s no better place to stay in Liverpool then The Shankly Hotel. Named after Bill Shankly, the longtime manager of Liverpool FC in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the rooms and the restaurant exude a dedication to excellence that would make the namesake of this place proud.

With top shelf furnishings, decadent whirlpool tubs, And the finest of British cuisine and Cocktails in the restaurant, we think you’ll agree with us. Don’t miss the on-site museum to Bill Shankly before leaving!

Hotel 41 – London

Want to see the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, or Tottenham? London has many Premier League teams and far more accommodation options than that, but if you’re looking for the best possible place to rest your head after a long night of cheering on your favorite side, then you could hardly do better than Hotel 41.

Embracing the boutique hotel atmosphere that has overtaken England’s capital city in recent years, but maintaining a firm commitment to luxury in all things, this institution has a two-to-one ratio of staff to guests, 24-hour room service is de rigeur, and mahogany trim can be found throughout the building.

With a bespoke location across from Buckingham Palace, you also have many options for sightseeing when you have finished watching sports on your trip.